Had a service line leak in our front yard. It was pouring water into the yard for maybe an hour before we caught it. He came out quickly to repair the line. Very friendly

Brian Watts

I am property manager for approximately 200 single family homes throughout a 30 mile radius in metro Atlanta.

Prestige Plumbing has demonstrated consistently that I can rely upon them to make intelligent decisions in a timely manner.

I can get a lot more done when I work with a company such as Prestige. It is amazing how much more efficient my business runs now that my plumbing issues almost never require follow up.

Even after over 25 service calls to inconvenient, hard to find locations, I have no complaints - nor have any tenants or other contractors expressed concern to me. In fact, at least 3 tenants invested time in letting me know how professionally their concerns were addressed by Prestige Plumbing.

And, get this: I have never even met any of them in person. I am not a personal buddy trying to boost sales calls. The owner of Prestige is genuinely so reliable, responsible and knowledgeable that I can not resist taking the time to sing praises.

Outstanding service and quality at a fair price is a bargain. I'm afraid I won't be able to afford him anymore after I submit this endorsement. 🙂

Susan K.

My DIY project of replacing a cartridge in leaky faucet came to a halt at step # 3 for not having proper tools on my part. Thaddeus came to rescue and fixed the problem. He found a creative solution and saved the day. He is efficient and he cares.


Courteous, on time, efficient, clean.

David A.

I was having problems with kitchen sink and garbage disposal clog. Thaddeus was on time and very prompt. Very nice and down to earth young man. Fixed my clog in an efficient time.This guy is great.Was very satisfied with the work and will use his service again and tell others.Thanks Thaddeus...

Lucinda Shurney

Thaddeus arrived on time and provided excellent service, unclogging our main drain line leading to our septic tank. He was able to snake out the roots and get our plumbing unclogged quickly. We had not been able to do any laundry or use the restroom as it was backing up in the tub and the toilet on one level of our house. Talk about a nightmare! Thaddeus saved the day, and I'm so thankful to have found a great plumber like him. Will definitely use again!

Ann Sapp

Thaddeus was prompt, showed up when he said he would. The rate was very reasonable. He was kind and very polite. He worked quickly and I didn't feel like he was trying to gouge me for any extras. He was helpful in giving me ideas and ways to save money as well.

Julian K.